Jeroen Hilhorst  Concert guitars

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Available Guitars
(These are all new, unused guitars)
99 body99 back
Standard Concert Guitar
, cedar single top, Indian rosewood back and sides
Nr. 99 (2012). Special price € 6.500,-
  (outside EU  € 5.372,-).

This guitar combines
clear and strong trebles with beautiful warm cedar basses.
It has a very good projection and is easy to play.

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Front of nr 116Back of nr 116

Super Concert Guitar, spruce/cedar double top, ziricote back and sides.
Nr. 116 (2016).  Special price  € 8.000,-
(outside EU  € 6.612,-).

This is a super concert guitar with:
     - A double top (spruce outside and cedar inside with nomex in between).
     - Ziricote back and sides. This wood has a very beautiful figuring.
     - Separate saddles for each string, to make a better tuning possible.

My super concert guitars are among the the best projecting guitars in existence.
De quality of the sound is of the highest standard.
The trebles are strong, the basses are rich, and there is a surprising sustain.
And they are easy to play.

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Body of 116Back of body 116Head 116

Side 116Side sound hole 116

102 head102 back

Standard Concert Guitar, special model, cedar single top, back, sides and neck wengé.
Nr. 102 (2012). Special price  € 6.900,-
  (outside EU  € 5.702,-).

This is a very special guitar, in looks as well as in sound.
The wengé neck gives it extra projection.
It has a beautiful clear cedar sound, very strong and with a very good first string.
The highly figured wengé on the guitar is a feast for the eye.
Everywhere on the guitar you can enjoy the beautiful grain of this wood.

I made only two of these guitars. Have a look at the building proces:
Making of the wengé guitars

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Contrabass guitar frontContrabass guitar back

Contrabass Guitar
90 cm scale, spruce / cedar double top, African Blackwood back and sides.
Nr. 117 (2016). Price (without case)
€ 11.500,-   (outside EU  € 9.504,-).

This is a 6 string bass guitar, using nylon strings.
The woods used in this guitar are of the highest possible quality.
 It is built for maximum projection, using
a 90 cm scale and the proven acoustic design of my super concert guitars.
The sound is surprisingly beautiful and very strong, even that of the lowest notes on the 6th string.

Listen to it here:
Contrabass guitar (Peter Constant) (1)
Contrabass guitar (Peter Constant) (2)

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